Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our 2014 LATISM Award Picks for Best Bilingual, Health and Education bloggers

Today is the last day to vote for the 2014 "The Best of Cyberlandia" LATISM Awards. There are many great bloggers out there publishing important information.

But when it comes to some of the best, here are our choices for bilingual blogger, health blogger and education blogger.

Vote today because its the last day to do so. Follow this link to vote: The Best of Cyberlandia


Checa la Movie is our choice in this category. What really jumps out of this site are the down-to-earth video interviews Teresa Garza does with many actors in Hollywood. She really has the ability to make them feel comfortable and tell it like it is.


Jaime, Mi Dulce Guerrero is our choice in this category. This site takes on the issue of Type 1 diabetes also known as juvenile diabetes. It's a beautiful website with lots of updated information on diabetes, nutrition, personal experiences, healthy living aimed at the Latino community. This is very important information, because the American Diabetes Association says more than 208,000 Americans under the age of 20 are estimated to have diagnosed diabetes.


The José Luis Vilson is our choice in this category. Refreshing,  honest, blunt, to the point and positive are just a few words to describe this blog that centers on education. Vilson is a math educator, blogger, speaker and activist and it all comes through in his blogs. Topics cover everything from "Bad Teachers Everywhere, All the Time Even You" to"Bad Principals, Too." Vilson says things we all want to say, and he asks questions we all want to ask. Great blog! 

Full disclosure: Wise Latinas Linked is the past winner of LATISM's 2011 and 2013 Social Network Leader award. We didn't enter the contest this year. Good luck to all the nominees!

Rebecca Aguilar is a award-winning veteran journalist and founder of Wise Latinas Linked on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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