Sunday, July 13, 2014

No one wants to become a single parent, but sometimes there is no choice

Photo Courtesy: Melinda Gonzalez

I've known women who have stayed with their husbands and boyfriends even though they lived in agony of verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  They say there is a fine line between love and hate.

My mother told me at a young age to make my own money, get an education and always have an independent heart.  Love also makes you tolerate relationships that are poisonous.

Today I read a blog "10 Tips to Excel as a Single Parent" by Melinda Gonzalez.  But this is not really a tip sheet, it's actually her story. A story deep to the core of how she became a single parent.

She wrote "Staying with a man who was verbally abusive, emotionally neglectful, financially irresponsible and negative was not the type of life I wanted to give my daughter."

This made me think of all my friends who have faced the decision - should I stay or should I leave? Should I let him go? Should I run away with my children?

Thanks to Melinda for sharing her emotional story and how we should get on with our lives if we as women have to take a similar journey. Please read -  10 Tips to Excel as a Single Parent

Remember the decision and your future is in your hands.

Rebecca Aguilar is a journalist and the founder of Wise Latinas Linked. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shakira vs JLo: Do we really care who has the best World Cup song?

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 Photo By: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

I'm a Jennifer Lopez fan and a Shakira fan. Not only because of their musical talents, but because these two powerhouse Latinas have done things their way, and are a both a huge success.

Now let me shift gears. Entertainment Tonight claims there is competition brewing between these two singers over the World Cup theme song.

The World Cup in Brazil kicks off this week, but according to ET the fans are "not digging" the official World Cup song "We Are One" by Jennifer Lopez and PitBull and they are letting that be known on social media channels.


ET reports Shakira is getting lots of support for her song "La La La" and people are showing their support via Twitter under the hashtag #ShakiraSaveTheWorldCup.


Judy Cantor-Novas, Billboard en Espanol Managing Editor told ET "Shakira's audience is very very Latin…Shakira had nine number one hits on the Billboard hot Latin songs chart, JLo has had three." 

Last I checked Shakira's song on YouTube had close to 100 million views. JLo and Pitbull's video had just over 75 million. Again according to Entertainment Tonight, fans are calling JLo and Pitbull's video "stereotypical" because of Carnival performances, and fans believe Shakira's represents more cultures and also features some of the World Cup players.


Here's my take on this issue, a song is a song. Both are good theme songs with a good beat, and they make you feel like getting up to dance. We should be talking about the teams in the World Cup not two major entertainers and their songs.

I'm proud that once again Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are being allowed to shine their talents to a worldwide audience.

Now let's support our favorite soccer team and the game that has united a world.  Good luck to the teams!

Rebecca Aguilar is an award-winning journalist and the founder of Wise Latinas Linked.