Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our 2014 LATISM Picks: Sassy Mama in LA, Crafty Chica and Más Wired

Congratulations to all those competing for a 2014 LATISM award.  All the nominees in "The Best of Cyberlandia" have something great to offer the public, but here are our picks for 2014.

Deadline to vote: November 12


Sassy Mama in LA is our choice in this category. Blogger Yolanda Machado has an easy clutter-free site to navigate with a lot of good information on lifestyle and parenting issues. What we like is how she starts every blog with "sponsored post, compensated campaign, or complimentary stay." It allows the reader to know upfront that she got paid or got something for the blog.  Dig deeper and she has solid information on many brands. 


Crafty Chica is our choice in this category. Kathy Cano-Murillo can bring out everyone's "inner crafter." Kathy gives free how-to instructions to help you make the beautiful projects on her website.  Want to make something out of the roll after the toilet paper is gone? Kathy has a great project. Need to make something for Christmas for a friend? How about a glittered cork board.  We love that she can save you money. 


Más Wired is our choice in this category. Sara Inés Calderón offers something that we have not seen on very many blogs run by Latina/Latinos.  A blog on tech stuff.  If her video "Learn to Code: 5 Things to Know" is any indication of what to expect on this blog, this is one to keep an eye on.  Latinos are behind when it comes to jobs in the tech world, maybe we need someone like Sara Inés Calderón to inspires to learn it and do it.


The rest of our picks are coming in the next blogs. Don't forget to vote at LATISM's " The Best of Cyberlandia"

Full disclosure: Wise Latinas Linked is the past winner of LATISM's 2011 and 2013 Social Network Leader award. We didn't enter the contest this year. Good luck to all the nominees!

Rebecca Aguilar is a award-winning veteran journalist and founder of Wise Latinas Linked on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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