About WLL

Sandra, Vicki & Rebecca
I'm Rebecca Aguilar, I am the founder of Wise Latinas Linked. In August 2009, I was inspired to start this social networking group with the help of my comadres,Vicki Adame and Sandra Gonzalez.

Wise Latinas Linked is a group where Latinas or those women who feel like Latinas in their souls... can NETWORK.  It is NOT a political group, but that doesn't mean politics are off limits.

We want Latinas to share advice, solutions, challenges and successes in their everyday lives. We have our own thoughts, opinions and ideas on everything –politics, education, jobs, careers, family, current events and more.

Sandra, Vicki and I have journalism backgrounds. Sandra and I are reporters and Vicki is a media relations/social media consultant.  So we know the importance of sharing information.

Bonnie Pardon is also one of our administrators. She's a reporter in Austin, Texas.  She cares about the advancement of Latinas.
Bonnie Pardon

The Wise Latinas Linked blog provides:

  • Information that affects Latinas
  • Profiles on Latinas making a difference
  • Training and Conferences for Latinas
  • Meet and Greet Information

Through Wise Latinas Linked we are hope we can help each other grow as individuals, but also show young Latinas coming up in life---that anything is possible.

If you're not part of our Facebook or Linkedin groups. Please join us today!


Rebecca Aguilar
Founder of Wise Latinas Linked