Friday, May 4, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Draws Criticism for Her Big Tattoo "Lideres"

If you watch the latest music video featuring Jennifer Lopez; you’ll find tattooed across her chest “Lideres”, translation “Leaders.”  I keep reading that people are upset with JLO having this huge tattoo on her body.  Well actually there are a few tattoos. 

Lighten up people! They are fake.  She just did it for her new music video “Follow the Leader" with Wisen and Yandel, the Puerto Rican reggaeton duo.  It’s like people forget she’s an entertainer, and in this case the tattoos were part of the costume.   

Most of you know, I’m a Jennifer Lopez fan.  I think it's amazing that she can  juggle many jobs: business woman, actress, singer, entrepreneur, clothing designer, perfume creator and mother.   OK so her third marriage didn’t work out.  I didn’t say she’s perfect. 

Her critics on this video are vicious.  Here are some of the comments I found on different entertainment sites:

“I have to wonder who told her that this was a good idea... I like art and I consider tats art for the most part... but tatting giant words or names across your chest DOES NOT look artful or even remotely sexy…”

“When I was younger, the only people that had tattoos were ex-Marines or motorcycle types. Now every pimple-faced kid and wannabe have their tattoos.”

“JUST HORRIBLE!!! Is this the example she wants to give to younger kids? Anytime you destroy your skin, your body, it shows how low mentality you are. Grow up!”

JLO Haters: Move On

I think there are a lot of jealous people out there who just want to see Jennifer Lopez fail.  So she's famous, rich and beautiful.  You have to respect her for doing it on her own, and doing it her way.

I think she shows women, especially Latinas,  that we can do anything we set out to do despite our critics and challenges. 

Now in her 40’s this woman is unstoppable.  Another lesson we should take from her: Just because we get older, it doesn’t mean we have to be pegged into a certain image. And yes if older men can date younger women; why can't it be the other way around?

Kudos to JLO who keeps inspiring us to follow our passion!

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