Saturday, May 26, 2012

Did ABC Listen to us Wise Latinas? Dumps "Devious Maids"

When we band together as Latinas we can really make an impact.  I was happy to hear that ABC decided not to go ahead with the television show "Devious Maids."  I don't know the network's official reason why, but I'm sure it heard the concerns and complaints from many in the Latino community.

As you may recall I wrote a blog about this show back in the Fall.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate shows where Latinas are the main characters, but "Devious Maids" just sounded wrong from the title to the concept.  I also respect Latinas who clean houses everyday for little pay.  This show was not going to put them in a good light, not when the show had "devious" in the title.

I also have to say I was very disappointed when Eva Longoria told Huffington Post that she thought "Devious Maids" was going to be a great show and that most Latinos would be proud.  Well looking at the the feedback to Huffington Post, most Latinos did not agree with her.

I figure if Longeria was really proud of the show; why wasn't she playing the role of one of the maids? Marc Cherry created "Devious Maids" and brought in Longoria as Executive Producer.  I think in hopes of saving the show from the ABC axe.  You may know Cherry's name. He created "Desperate Housewives."

Well that's all in the past now. Thanks to ABC for having the foresight not to put this show on the air.    Here's hoping Cherry will now write a show that can land us Latinas on the red carpet--- not cleaning one.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that garbage will not be aired. It's sad to see the amount of wasted talent that had attached itself to that show.


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