Friday, April 27, 2012

Latinas Guiding Latinas: Helping Young Latinas Succeed

We like to profile Latina organizations with the goal of helping other Latinas.  Latinas Guiding Latinas is one of those groups. This Los Angeles organization focuses on helping underprivileged young Latinas in the East L.A. area.

LGL was brought to our attention when someone sent us a link to a fundraiser it’s having right now. We quickly learned that LGL is trying to raise $1,000 for its “Shadow Program.”  The program partners UCLA students with Latina High School mentees.  The teenagers get to live a day in the life of a university student. Can you imagine getting such a great experience when you were in high school?

LGL’s goal is to encourage Latinas to get a higher education.  Let’s help make this happen for LGL. Whether you can give $5, $10, $25 or more.  Do what you can, because it will all add up.  In the end, we will be helping our young Latinas succeed.  Donate here…

Photo Courtesy: LGL Facebook
More about LGL

LGL mentors young Latinas at five key sites:
  • RFK Elementary School in City Terrace, CA.
  • Belvedere Middle School in East LA.
  • Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights
  • Garfield High School in East LA
  • Bell High School in Bell, CA

Mentors meet with their mentees, but LGL offers them more than advice. 
  • College workshops on financial aid
  • Personal Growth workshops on self-esteem, body image, etc.
  • Cultural field trips

Photo Courtesy: LGL Facebook
The organizations Facebook page states:

“We believe that with guidance, every young Latina is capable of achieving great things.”

Follow LGL’s Lead

If LGL can do this in southern California; you can do it in your community.  There are young Latinas all over the country who need hope,guidance and a chance to see that there is more out there for them.  We need to show them they can accomplish whatever they want to do in life.  Nothing is impossible.  Do your part Wise Latinas!

Rebecca Aguilar is a multiple Emmy Award winning journalist, a blogger and the Founder of Wise Latinas Linked. One of the largest networking groups of Latinas on Facebook and Linkedin. 

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