Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shame on Teacher Who Gave Girl "Catastrophe Award"

Photo Courtesy: KGUN-TV
Today, I'm hoping a little girl in Tucson, Arizona realizes that no one is laughing about how her teacher treated her.  I hope that 8-year-old Cassandra Garcia knows that most teachers are good people and believe in helping not hurting a student.

Shame on Ms.Plowman at Desert Springs Academy and to the principal who did nothing after the teacher humiliated Cassandra. According to KGUN-TV, Plowman handed the girl a card that read "Catastrophe Award for most excuses for not having homework." The teacher signed the card and even added a smiley face.

Cassandra told her mother that the teacher gave her the card in front of her class and all the kids burst out laughing. Can you imagine being 8-years-old staring at a bunch of classmates laughing at you?

Good teachers inspire and encourage. What kind of teacher humiliates a child?

KGUN-TV Facebook Page
It gets even worse. Cassandra's mother, Cristina Valdez told the school's principal.  Instead of doing something about it, Cristina told KGUN that the principal told her the card was part of a joke and then blew her off.

KGUN-TV reporter, Valerie Cavazos  went to check out the story.  She went searching for answers from the principal.  Guess what? The principal blew her off too.

Teacher owes Cassandra an Apology

KGUN viewers had mixed reactions about the card and gave their opinions on the station's Facebook page.  I think the teacher will do this again to another child, and it must stop.  Cassandra is never going to forget how her teacher embarrassed her.

Plowman should apologize to Cassandra. Now that school is out for the summer, I recommend that Plowman shoot a video of herself and post the "I'm sorry" video on YouTube for all to see. 

Plowman's Blog
If you have a problem with Plowman’s actions; feel free to write, call or email the school and its principal.  Cassandra’s mom should know she is not alone. We are not laughing! I’m a parent, and this burns me up.

Make your voice heard for Cassandra!

Desert Springs Academy
10355 E. 29th St, Tucson, AZ 85748
Phone: 520-321-1709

Plowman has a blog, but apparently the comments have been shut down.  I wonder why? Maybe people around the country are complaining about her childish actions. 

I think most of us today know who deserves the "Catastrophe Award."  Ms. Plowman we have a card for you!


  1. So Sad, and the mixed reactions in facebook are horrible. If you want to teach something to someone, humiliation is not the way to do it.

  2. It's going to take an enormous amount of resiliency for this poor child TO NOT be permanently and emotionally scared by this. Educator, huh?


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