Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wise Latinas Bring Holiday Cheer All Year Round

This Christmas may you all be fortunate enough to be with those who warm your hearts. There’s a quote that goes “Some gifts are as simple as the ones that come from the heart, because they have a lifetime guarantee.”

That’s right, Christmas is not just about the presents we unwrap, but the ones you give with unconditional love and care. 

Wise Latinas you’ve come through all year with job openings, advice, information and comments that have possibly helped other members miles away from you.

Whether you visit our page on Facebook or Linkedin every day or once a week; you’ve been giving of your time, and that’s why we are a strong sisterhood.

Thanks for making Wise Latinas Linked a huge success on Facebook and Linkedin in  2010.

We're now more than 3,000 Latinas strong---spread around the United States, and sprinkled in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Spain, Canada, and Guatemala. We're a huge Latina sisterhood. Now how can any Christmas gift top that?

Each of us adds new friends on Facebook and Linkedin every day. Please share our groups' link on your FB page and invite Latinas to look us up on Linkedin.  We don't want anyone to miss out on our group.

Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas!


Rebecca Aguilar, Founder
Vicki Adame, Administrator
Sandra Gonzalez Whaley, Administrator
Byrdie Franco, Administrator

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