Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wise Latinas ready for 2011? Well there's no stopping us now

Wise Latinas we’re closing out another decade, and starting a new one in 2011. This is also the time of year that many of us think of  New Year’s resolutions.

According to a study, about 45% of American adults make one or more resolutions every year.
And what are the top resolutions?

1. Lose weight
2. Exercise
3. Stop smoking

Most people eventually break their new year’s resolutions, but research shows that after six months about 46 % continue holding on to their plan.

Here are our resolutions for Wise Latinas Linked in 2011:

1. Grow to 3,500 members
2. Offer more information on jobs, networking, career growth, education etc.
3. Help organize more “Meet and Greets” around the country where you can meet each other in person.

Do you have a resolution or a goal you plan to reach in 2011? We’d like to know. Please send me an email via Facebook or Linkedin. I’m in the process of putting together a special blog for next week.

Here’s toast to all of you, and much happiness and success in 2011.


Rebecca Aguilar
Founder of Wise Latinas Linked

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  1. Thank you Rebeca for such a nice message and for wanting to help so many more Latinas! Your resolutions are awesome and I wish you much success in 2011.


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