Monday, April 26, 2010

Arizona Resident On The Impact Of The New Immigration Law

Protesters filled the streets of Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, April 23. That's where Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill making it a crime in the state to be in the country illegally.

It also requires local police to question people about their immigration status if there is a reason to suspect they are undocumented workers.

After I posted the news on my Facebook page, I got a very interesting look into how the new law will affect the state of Arizona.

This is from Bob Eichenberger, a television engineer who has lived most of his life in Arizona. He's not a Latino, but a man who has some interesting points about the new law in his state.

This is Bob Eichenberger in his own words:

It allows racial profiling by police, which in itself, is against the law.

It allows a street cop to arrest a man/woman of color for making a "nod or gesture" to a passerby. They may be looking for employment, or just saying hello.

A person picking up a man/woman of color can be arrested; their car impounded, fined, and can lose their license. They may be looking for cheap "illegal" labor, or giving someone a ride.

An employer can be entrapped by law enforcement who "provide the employer with an opportunity to commit the violation" of hiring an immigrant, or just cut another human being a break.

And, the officers are not responsible for the legal costs that are incurred. They are "indemnified" by this law. Which means we, the taxpayer, pick up the bill when they screw up, and they will, and there are no legal or financial consequences to them?!

An officer can "arrest" a person of color for probable cause. The presumption of a crime!

How many lawsuits can you see stemming from this piece of legislation put together in desperation, by a bunch of hacks, in a knee jerk reaction to an angry mob?

Not to mention that any person of color will not bother going to police after witnessing a crime, or being the victim of a crime themselves. Out of fear of being arrested themselves.

This bill stinks, and WE are going to be paying for the smell, unless Mary Rose Wilcox, Wilfredo Gutierrez, Raul Grijalva, and Mayor Gordon can do the right thing, and have it thrown out

I would tell everyone not to visit Arizona, and to write, e-mail, and call to let it be known to our Chamber of Commerce why you, your group, or convention are not coming here.

Dollars are the only thing these greedy imbeciles that control our state legislature understand. That and votes, which they will not be getting this November.

Robert Eichenberger
Phoenix, AZ

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