Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wise Latina In Her Own Words: Before We March Let's Educate

As you may recall in 2006 there were Mega-marches in major cities around the country. People marched in support of immigration reform.

In Dallas, more than 500,000 people marched and took part in the event. Another Mega-march is planned for Saturday, May 1st in Dallas.

Wise Latina Linked member, Maria Davila of Dallas shares her thoughts. Here she is in her own words:

I am a Resident Alien and due to my financial difficulties now, am having a hard time raising the money to become naturalized. It never really bothered me until lately, my lack of ability to vote.

Now since I've become involved with Beth Villarreal, Carlos Quintanilla and others like them, I see the NEED for me to do this. I ENVY the newly naturalized immigrant who has the right to vote but does not exercise it. This is what I've been seeing and hearing as I became involved in campaigning.

Some immigrants want to cry out for help when he needs it, but will not help out when we need him! Bottom line! I would see Latinos drive by on their way to and from school or work or to the grocery store...but not one would stop to vote!!

Like my dad says "quieren chingar, pero no ayudar!" Now don't get me wrong, there are certain things that have been done to the immigrant and some Latinos where his rights have been violated and where he or she has been looked down on due to their status or race.

I have defended many when I see or hear an injustice being made. But this is where we need to really take a stand, we need to EDUCATE the newly naturalized immigrant and make them understand that they now COUNT as a citizen and register and vote and help become part of the community, to give back.

Some of them have not been spoken to as an individual who holds the power to make a difference. I've been discriminated lots of times and know how that feels...but then what have we as a whole done to improve the community? It's not all about beer drinking and's about giving back. And letting others know that we, the Latinos are hard working serious people!

Before we march...let's educate!

Maria Isabel Gonzalez Davila

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