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Our Mothers: The Original Wise Latinas

A few days ago on Facebook, I asked many of you to tell us your mother's name and what attributes or qualities you got from her . As your responses started coming in, I was inspired and so touched that I decided to devote this blog to your mothers and what you had to say about them.

Happy Mother's Day---to our mothers,  the original Wise Latinas. 

Aileen Morales
Aileen Morales: Her name is Cruz and trust me she has beared the cross. I suppose that is why she is who she is. She is loving, strong, and giving. I'm so proud of her. She was a wonderful daughter who cared for her parents, a wonderful wife, and a wonderful grandma and last but not least a wonderful Mom.

I learned so much from her but the thing that I learned most was compassion. I am successful because of her. Love you Mami!

Liz Lebron
Liz Lebron:I am the proud daughter of Nilda De Jesus, who taught me that no matter what challenges life throws my way, I am enough!

Pilar MarreroPilar Marrero: Her name is María Dolores, Marietta for short. She inspired me to read, she was a great reader and I grew up like her, reading everything that fell into my hands.

She unfortunately had lots of emotional issues, as she was a refugee of the civil war (in Spain) which she and her parents fled when she was 4. To talk about her is bitter sweet.

Susie Olmos-Soto
Susie Olmos-Soto: Candelaria- never met a stranger; to smile and be genuine interested in people you meet:). I love my mom. Wish I had her beautiful singing voice!

Stephanie Apodaca

Stephanie Apodaca: My mother's name is Julia Elizabeth. She passed away in 1996 and not a day goes by that I don't thank her for instilling the best qualities in me. I was truly blessed to have such a great mother, teacher, friend and now my angel above. Only The Good Die Young as the song goes :)
Maria Gaytan
Maria Gaytan: Maria - I am so proud of my mother, my father was abusive to her mentally and physically, she decided to move on being a single mother of 4, with no income or child support but never complained about it. We grew up poor but lived rich by her love. I LOVE YOU MOM....

Lorena Blanco
Lorena Blanco: My mother's name is Socorro and I have her laugh and smile. I learned from her to be nice to a fault and to help everyone with an open heart.

Casilda Sisi Montanez-Rivera
Casilda Sisi Montanez-Rivera: My mom's name is Margarita and I learned from her to be humble, have patience and look and handle situations in a very diplomatic manner. She always said no matter the situation there are always two sides and everyone interprets them differently.

Concepcion Connie Rodriguez

Concepcion Connie Rodriguez : Doña Julia is my mother's name and I got her Mexican Attitude and I got to perfect her chankla flinging arm to my kids or wuercos as her endearing terms for rugrats!

But I inherited her tools on cooking Mexican and Tex-Mex food and can pray the rosary on account of her... La quiero un chorro! Feliz Dia de Las Madres and us Latinas are especially lucky we get celebrated two days outta the year our American Mother's Day and then our Latino Mother's Day 10 de Mayo!

Margarita Tovar Sanchez
Margarita Tovar Sanchez :Persistence!! Maria Francisca Sanchez

Anabelle Garay:  Aside from being petite, my mom and I are both the positive thinkers in our family. We're both also tender hearted. Her name is Nelsis Montenegro Garay. She lets me call her Nelsis or Mami interchangeably. :)

Anabelle GarayBarbara Buchanan Smith: Resolve! Elizabeth.

Barbara Buchanan Smith
Viviana Huerta-Rodriguez: My Mother's name is Sara and the quality attribute I got from her was Drive (endurance). :o)

Abilia Barraza: The quality my mother passed down to me is loving people... her name is Reina.

Ana Alicia PerezAna Alicia Perez: My mom is Diana, and she is the strongest, most compassionate person I know. At a young age she talked with me about having good liberal values. And that is what she instilled in me, was "acceptance of everyone."
Abilia Barraza

Beth Villarreal: "Strength" from by beautiful mother, Noemi.

Linda Rangel: Work hard. My mom's name was Carmen Torres Rangel

Beth VillarealCoco PeateLinda Rangel

Coco Peate: I am stubborn from Elena, no doubt :)

Laura CastenedaLaura Castaneda: Structure mostly when I didn't want it. Thank you Anna Maria - gracias Mamita.

Stella MontoyaStella Montoya: Felipa is her name and the greatest thing she instilled in me is the love for family. We are a close knit clan who get together regularly to celebrate, comfort, or just to hang out. My mother is the heart of the Muniz family.

Yirissi Elizabeth Yirssi Elizabeth: Mi madre se llama Rosi, y una de las mejores cualidades q yo he heredado es su fuerza - My mother's name is Rosi, and one of her best qualities that I got from her is her strength.

Erika Marlene Villaloz
Erika Marlene Villaloz:Edelina is her name - kindness is her game : ) We resemble each other physically... and share our never-ending willingness to give - must be a Latina thang! : ) Feliz Dia de Las Madres... you all should be celebrated every day of the year!!!

Delores Godinez

Dolores Godinez: My mom's name is Vicenta. She has always been loyal.

Arlinda ArriagaArlinda Arriaga: I am my mother! My mom's name is Anita, and she is just a ball of energy. Her contagious attitude and desire to make the most of everything in life shines through me. I'm lucky to have her in my life:)

Rebecca Aguilar:  My mother has a lot of qualities. First of all I got her name. Her name is Rebecca. I learned courage from her. When I was a kid we picked tomatoes in Ohio.

Rebecca Aguilar
One hot summer day, the grower threatened the migrants he would not pay because he saw some green tomatoes in some of the baskets. My mother said "We're walking!" Everyone followed her and the grower begged her back. She said never allow a boss to treat you like a slave. I love my mom!

Mary Frederick

Mary Frederick:Humbleness. Ana

Diana Lopez Axthelm:  Santos, my mother died when I was pregnant with my first born. He didn't get to meet my mom nor did my daughter. Her guardian angel was at home, when he came from the hospital.

Diana Lopez Axthelm
The morning of my daughter's birth, she put her hands on my belly and left. Ten years later, she met my husband, woke us up, my husband questioned her presence. I asked him to smile at her, he did, and then she left. Yes, he was shaken, had never experienced a spirit, before.....thank you mother for loving me, in your estilo!

Joscelyn Ramos Campbell:  My Mother's name is Abigail. My mother, the beautiful and humorous red head, from Puerto Rico migrated to New York during her grade school years. Talking Spanish in school was highly discouraged by the educators and the immigrant children were often made fun by their peers.

Joceylyn Ramos Campbell
My mother, with her outgoing personality, was able to overcome those very difficult years in school by learning to read and speak English. Being the middle child, she learned to use her humor to shine in any difficult situation.

She had two deeply loving and devoted Christian parents and two beautiful sisters, who were conquering living in in New York during a time when Puerto Ricans were often discriminated against. Through hard work and determination, my mother became one of the first Latina Senior Advisors for the NY Department of Labor.

She traveled throughout New York speaking in conventions and conferences about fair wages and employment laws for all employees, regardless of race. I hope I learned from her the spirit of determination, spirit of forgiveness, and her ability to give Godly love and counsel.

Yvonne Latty

Yvonne Latty: My mom doesn't give up not matter what she faced, poverty, the loss of a job, loss of a child, loss of her husband...she never gives up, she keeps pushing and pushing and pushing. She taught herself english, put me and my sister through school and made a life for herself. I admire her so much.

Byrdie Franco
Byrdie Franco: The best compliment I have ever been given (several times) goes something like "Your mom did a good job (with you)." I can truly say I felt honored the first time I heard that. I actually stopped what I was doing and took a moment to take it in.

I admire her so much, that knowing that I reflect some of her spirit and character meant a lot. She has shown me what unconditional love is and that is what I have for her ♥

Thank you Wise Latinas for sharing!

Rebecca Aguilar


  1. Rebecca Sr. you must be a very passionate, charismatic and humbling mother, to have a jubilant, resourceful and giving daughter like Rebecca. Thank you for sharing your daughter with us. While some of us Wise Latinas, have met your daughter in person, others have met her through cyber net, in any case, we are very thankful for your daughter’s knowledge, direction and tenacity! Gracias y feliz dia de las Madres!

    Thank you to the board (Sandra & Vicki)Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!

  2. What a lovely way to share our unique bond as the daughters of Wise Latinas!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. What a cool way to honor our moms. I just found your blog and am now following. Such a cool forum.
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