Saturday, April 25, 2015

Why is Denise Elsken still on the Martinez School board when she's unfair to Latino students in CA?

Photo Screenshot: KTVU-TV 

Denise Elsken thinks that Latino students don't need air conditioning in their classrooms as much as the white kids at schools in the Martinez Unified School District in Martinez, CA.  She made that very clear at a board meeting where they were discussing who should get the AC.

Aren't school board members suppose to care for all children and look at them as equals? Elsken does not, and she made it obvious when she was caught on tape during a recent school board meeting.

Elsken believes that Latino kids don't need air conditioning in a classroom, because they don't have it at home. And in her opinion, white students do need AC, because most of them have the luxury at home.



Parents in the MUSD district started a petition to get air conditioning put in at two elementary schools in MUSD. One was Las Juntas Elementary which is 49% Hispanic, and the other was John Swett Elementary which is 53% white.

At the meeting,you hear Elsken say "I really don't care how this comes out." That statement alone tells you she feels she has the power to do and say what she wants.

Elsken has apologized. She read a prepared statement. Here's a link to a news story done by a San Francisco TV station.

My opinion, this woman does not deserve to be a board member, because she does not care about our Hispanic children. Her racist thought process does not stop with one apology. I wonder what else she has done to hold Latino children back or to suffer. The district, the children deserve better. Thanks you Rick Marazzani for the YouTube video.


A petition has been started to get Elsken off the board. Please sign it.
Equal Treatment of Young Children in Martinez, California Schools


Is Superintendent, Rami Muth listening to everyone complaining about Elsken's racists comments? Send her and email and let her know that Elsken has to go.

Phone: 925-335-5908
Twitter: @MartenizUnified @RamiMuthmusd

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