Friday, January 2, 2015

Pay it forward, help save the life of Vanessa Perez

Vanessa Perez and her 4-year-old son
Photo Courtesy: GoFundMe 

Vanessa Perez is starting 2015 in a hospital. She is fighting for her life.  Vanessa has stage 4 stomach cancer. She also has a 4-year-old son. Doctors gave her six months to live. That was four months ago

I learned about Vanessa and her cancer from a post that Jacqueline Guido put on our Wise Latinas Linked Facebook page today.  I don't know Vanessa personally, but  anyone of us could be her tomorrow.  We could be hoping for a miracle and hoping to stay one more day on this earth, especially for our children. 

There's a fundraiser going on for Vanessa on . She is undergoing a natural treatment in San Diego she hopes will help her survive.  Here's a video she shared on YouTube.

Lourdes Colon underwent the same natural treatments when she had stage 4 cancer. Today she is doing fine. She produced a video for Vanessa's fund to explain more about the treatment.

Today Lourdes posted a photo of Vanessa after a week of treatments, and it appears she is walking and doing much better.  But she needs more treatments and that's why the fundraising continues.

Vanessa Perez
Photo Courtesy: Lourdes Colon Facebook

Pay it forward today at  Feel free to share this blog. Thanks for listening. 

Rebecca Aguilar is the founder of Wise Latinas Linked on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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