Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Means Free Yourself

Maggie Hernandez

Maggie Hernandez wrote a post on our Wise Latinas Linked page on Facebook on the 4th of July caught our attention. She wrote a powerful message that is something that we should think about on a daily basis.

"Happy Independence! 

There's nothing like the word 'Independence' to get me thinking about things that need to be unloaded, and how heavily they can weigh us down. 

So for this Independence Day, I ask us all to begin to free ourselves from anything that is keeping us from living to our greatest potential. 

Let us let go of the grip of people who don't support us, work that stresses us, environments that drain us, and habits that don't serve us. 

Let us learn to put ourselves first, understanding that the rest will fall into place right behind it."

~~Maggie Hernandez

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