Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We're not drinking the 'Devious Maid' Kool-aid: Eva Longoria could do better

Courtesy: Lifetime
When I brought up the topic of the show "Devious Maids" on our Wise Latinas Linked page on Facebook--the page blew up.  The majority of the Latinas were insulted that such a show would air on the Lifetime network, because it was packed with stereotypes of Hispanic women.

What I also noticed is that most of the Latinas were not drinking what I call the "Eva Longoria Kool-aid."

Longoria defended the portrayal of maids to Huffington Post, "You're telling me those stories are not worth telling, that  those people are lesser than."

No Ms. Longoria we're saying "We can do better than the maid storyline, we deserve better, and if you cared you'd do something about it, not be Marc Cherry's puppet." Cherry created "Devious Maids" and "Desperate Housewives."

As you may recall ABC passed on the show and its creator, Marc Cherry almost two years ago after Latina bloggers slammed the concept of the show.  And then, Marc Cherry hired Eva Longoria as Executive Producer.  Sure make her take the heat. Cherry has yet address the recent criticism.

I watched the "pilot" show and was saddened and disappointed that it was packed with every Latina stereotype you can think of: the undocumented Latina, the "hot" Latina, and the "slutty" Latina.  The actresses playing the maid roles are beautiful and talented, and if the show doesn't make it--my hope is they get other jobs on their talents.

Longoria may claim she's telling the stories of maids, but in the long run it's business for her. It's money in her bank account.

Lifetime gave the show a thumbs up.  That network also needs to get to know us, and what we are all about.  Executives at Lifetime need to rid their minds of the stereotypical Latina. FYI if you want to give Lifetime your thoughts on "Devious Maids" you can go here>>Feedback.

Now listen to actress, producer and director Fanny Veliz. She's part of the film industry.  How does "Devious Maids" affect people like her in the business?

If "Devious Maids" is such a great show than why isn't Eva Longoria playing one of the parts?

Why? Because Longoria doesn't clean houses-- even in the world of "make believe."

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