Monday, January 9, 2012

ABC's New Show "Work It" Doesn't Work For Puerto Ricans

Photo: ABC
Not long ago, I blogged about ABC creating a show called “Devious Maids.” It’s supposed to be about a bunch of Mexican maids who work for rich white people in Beverly Hills. 

 I’m not sure when this show will start airing on television, but it bothered me that Latinas were being stereotyped as maids. I guess ABC doesn't see us as lawyers, reporters, business owners, doctors or any other profession.

 "Work It" Doesn't Work

Well ABC has insulted Latinos again, specifically the Puerto Rican community. Writers for ABC’s new show “Work it” took a low blow in their pilot episode.  Now Bella Vida Letty is demanding an apology to the Puerto Rican community, and rallying support for a petition to get that accomplished.  

Here’s what she posted on the Wise Latinas Linked Facebook page:

Bella Vida Letty
“Buenos dias wise Latinas. I'm asking your support today to help create change in the way we are presented in the media. Please join me by signing and sharing this petition
Ask ABC executives along with Work It show creators to: apologize to the Puerto Rican community for the racist and degrading remarks broadcast on the pilot episode of Work It airing January 3, 2012 and as one of the biggest television networks in the US to stop attacking the Puerto Rican community with negative stereotypes”

Roll The Video

Latino Rebels posted the clip of the show on YouTube, and it’s gone viral. 

I know actors have to work, but the actor who read the lines could have spoken up too.  What are these actors—just puppets on a string?

When Will ABC Learn?

What’s wrong with ABC? I get the feeling that these shows are being created by a bunch of people who know nothing about Latinos.   

There is humor and then there are insults.  Maybe it’s a fine line in some cases, but this was just wrong. 

This is why diversity is needed behind the camera.  So someone can stand up and say “Wait a minute? Do we really want to say it that way? Will there be a backlash?”  ABC needs to diversify its writing teams.

A smart move would have been for ABC to show the pilot episode to a group of Latinos and get feedback.  Why not take that extra step, before you lose viewers and threaten the loss of advertisers who don’t need the bad public relations connected to them.

Oh and by the way, the transgender community is also furious with “Work It.” Check out the video clip.  I don’t expect this show to last very long. 

Comments and questions can be directed to: ABC Contact Us.

Kudos to Bella Vida Letty for not being afraid to take on Goliath! Sign the petition today. 

Rebecca Aguilar is the founder of Wise Latinas Linked on Facebook and  The virtual group has a combined membership of 3,600+ Latinas.. 


  1. Thank you so much for the cross-link love. WE LOVE BELLA VIDA LETTY!!!! She is an amazing soul!!!!

  2. If he would have been a white guy, no one would have made a peep. Stop taking everything so freakin' seriously!!!! It's a comedy. Get over yourselves!!!

  3. SickOfPC, actually the controversy started over the line "I'm Puerto Rican, I would be good at selling drugs" not the actor who delivered the line. I personally can't believe the actor who is Puerto Rican didn't find it insulting enough to mention it to the writers. But I guess an actor has to eat. It still would have been insulting if the actor would have been white, playing a Latino and delivered that line.


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