Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Arizona AG's Office blames rape victim for her attack 'she could have done something about it'

Rape is rape!

The definition of rape according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics: Forced sexual intercourse including both psychological coercion as well as physical force. 

So why is Arizona's assistant Attorney General, Jonathan Weisbard blaming a female state employee for her rape? According to news reports, the woman was at an Arizona prison to give a GED examine to a group of sex offenders. 

AZ AG Mark Brnovich
Photo Courtesy: AZ AG Website 

Arizona Republic's columnist, Laurie Roberts article 'AG's Office: Woman should have known better' got my attention and angered me the more I read it. The victim was left in a room with inmates with no security and no camera in the room. As Roberts reported, the victim was stabbed, choked and raped by an inmate who stayed behind after the others had left.

The woman, an Arizona Department of Corrections employee is suing the state and now assistant AG, Weisbard is trying to get the case thrown out of court.  According to Robert's article, Weisbard's motion to dismiss stated:

"Plaintiff wants to create an artificial impression that the ADOC officers knew she was in danger but she did not know," He added "It makes no sense. Of course, if Plaintiff did appreciate the danger of her situation, as an employee, she could have done something about it."

His boss, Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich is not off the hook. He had to sign off on this case. 


As women we have the power to make change. In this case, Arizona AG Mark Brnovich will be looking for votes in the future. Women vote, right? We also need to speak out on this case because women in Arizona are at risk of not being taken seriously when they are raped. 


Your voice counts. 

If you're outraged by the AG's office blaming this woman for her rape; send an email, tweet the AG, write a letter or even pick up the phone and leave a message.  Do it today and make them listen---women don't ask to be raped! Rape is Rape. 

#AZAGShame #RapeisRape

AZ AG's Mark Brnovich contact information: 

Twitter: @GeneralBrnovich
Office: 1275 West Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926 
Phone: (602) 542-5025 
Website: Contact (leave a message bottom of page)

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