Monday, September 15, 2014

Honoring Latinas during Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a good time to recognize all the Hispanic women who have changed our lives for the better. We will be honoring these women on this blog. Feel free to give us a name of a Latina in your city who is contributing to the Hispanic community.  Leave it in the comments section.


Polly Baca-Barragan
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Polly Baca Barragan was a pioneer in the field of Hispanic women in politics. She's been a member of the Colorado state legislature. Baca Barragan was the first woman elected to chair the Democratic Caucus in the Colorado House of Representatives. She was also the first minority woman and first Hispanic women elected to the Colorado State Senate.

In an interview, the former State Senator said that she had "Wise Latinas" who inspired her to become a leader. She also recalled the days of segregation in Colorado, and seeing signs that read "No Mexicans or dogs allowed."

The NALEO honored Baca-Barragan in 2010 for her contributions to politics and the Latino community.  Baca-Barragan told the crowd "Its all of us together that create the path forward, and that creates the opportunity for our community and its not easy, its not easy…."

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