Monday, September 29, 2014

Fundi2: Blog about everything Chilean and Chilean-American

As we continue celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, we explore the sources available today that educates us about  Latinos. I'm excited to tell you about Fundi2. The blog is about everything you've always wanted to know about Chileans and Chilean-Americans.

Screenshot: Fundi2

Luz Tapia brought the blog to my attention when she posted a link on the Wise Latinas Linked Facebook page:

"About Fundi2 - We are an online cultural magazine called 'Fundi2' (pronounced 'fundidos'). Virtually existing since May of 2011, our aim is to educate and promote everything Chilean . . through written articles with selected videos, interviews and/or any other type of media available. "

Fundi2 covers many topics: travel, entertainment, music, news, and icons.  There's an identity page which looks into subjects like the origins of Chilean last names. And check out the Chilenismos page where you'll learn such terms as "Puerto muerto, Chaleco de Mono and La madre del cordero."

This blog is worth bookmarking. Read more: Fundi2

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