Sunday, May 11, 2014

30 Lessons Our Mothers Taught Us

Happy Mother's Day!

The original Wise Latinas were our mothers. On this day let's remember just a few lessons they taught us. Feel free to add to our list in comments.

  • Have your own opinion. Yes it matters. 
  • It's alright to be a mother and work outside the house. 
  • It's OK to have a career and raise children. 
  • Single mothers rock! 
  • We make mistakes, but can learn from them. 
  • We DO NOT tolerate domestic violence.
  • Each child is an individual with their own thoughts. 
  • Stand up for your Latino community. 
  • Se se puede! 
  • Silence is NOT golden. 
  • A man should treat you as his equal.
  • Be creative and curious. 
  • Don't be afraid to try something new. 
  • Believe in God. 
  • It's NEVER too late to get an education. 
  • Call out people who disrespect us. No fear.
  • It's OK to get older, it's a number not death. 
  • How to cook and if you didn't get the hang of it, that's OK too. 
  • Do what you want, when you want to do it. 
  • It's OK to hug, kiss and love even show it in public. 
  • Just live! 
  • It's OK to be a "team player" but make sure you're leader of the team. 
  • Save money, have your own money, it's independence. 
  • A marriage may end in divorce, but you're not a failure. It's a new beginning. 
  • Be a good listener, even silence is a sign that someone needs your help.
  • They were the original Wise Latinas!
  • Love
  • Sing! Even if you can't carry a tune. Sing! 
  • Don't be afraid to be the first person on the dance floor. People will follow and dance.
  • Have a good laugh!
Now add to our list….

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