Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What does your body language reveal? Tips to build your self-confidence

When you walk in a room do you "own it?"

Your body language should be one that sends out a message that says you're confident and trustworthy.

Janine Driver is the author of You Can't Lie To Me. She's also president of the Body Language Institute. On a recent visit to The Today Show, she gave her tips on how to make your body language translate into a person in control.

Body language to boost your self-esteem

  • When you grab your chin you're about to win.
  • Don't hide your thumbs in your pockets. Driver claims when you hide your thumbs you need reassurance.
  • Freeze the fidgeting. Don't be shaking your leg or constantly moving around in your chair.  On a job interview or first date can it can reveal anxiety.
  • Walk the talk. Have a bigger step. Wide steps reveal tranquility and confidence.
  • Pat on the back is back.

Here's more from Driver and other body language tips.

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