Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bob Costas calls "Redskins" a slur and insult, time to change the team name

Sports journalists are taught to keep their opinions to themselves, and just be the messengers of information. But I'm very proud of Bob Costas of NBC Sunday Night Football. Recently, he went on television and said that the Washington Redskins team name is a slur and an insult.

I don't understand why it's so hard to change the name of a team out of respect for Native Americans. The term "Redskins" is demeaning, derogatory, and just wrong.  Does anyone think the word brings happy memories to the minds of any Native Americans?


Change the Name is a campaign going on to encourage the owners of the Washington Redskins to consider making a change. Many of the Native Americans who participated in this video say they are "not a caricature or a mascot."

#changethename from Gregg Deal on Vimeo.

Everything is in the hands of the owners of the Washington team. A name change is not going to change how the team plays on the field, and it's not going to drive away devoted fans.

What a name change will do is show Native Americans that they matter more than the name of team.  It's also great way to strengthen unity in this country.

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