Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meet inspirational Latinas with Wise Latinas Linked

Here is something new I am starting on this blog. Shout-outs to members in our Facebook or LinkedIn groups who have posted something inspirational, interesting or intriguing.

Today we meet a Wise Latina who was inspired by her brother for a "Day of the Dead" fashion show.  We also meet another Wise Latina who gets her inspiration from one of the best college volleyball players in the country.

Dia De Los Muertos

Consuelo Flores of Los Angeles shared this photo on Facebook.  This is Consuelo at a Dia de Los Muertos fashion show.  She is one creative woman!

She posted:

"It was the Day of the Dead Catrina Ball Fashion Show and Walking Alters. This was my fashion design, made entirely of paper and dedicated to my brother whose life was fragile, beautiful and all too brief. "

Number 10 on the Big 10 List

Suzanne Martinez of Illinois gave a shout-out to University of Illinois volleyball player Jennifer Beltran.  Suzanne wrote about this inspiring Latina athlete on our Facebook page:

"Good on you JB. Amost four years ago she got a scholarship at UI. She traded weather for opportunity. JB lived in Reseda just a few miles down from West Hills, where I called home for 18 years. Funny how we both migrated to the Midwest. Jb is number 10 on the Big 10 list!"
Jennifer Beltran
Photo Courtesy: The Daily Illini

"Two years ago at the NCAA finals I had the pleasure of meeting her entire family. Hard working proud Americans, a beautiful Latino family. You go Chica! Finish out your senior year, graduate and fly!"

Stay tuned for more Wise Latina Linked highlights!

Rebecca Aguilar is founder of Wise Latinas Linked, a journalist and recognized as the 2011 and 2013 Latino Social Network Leader by #LATISM. 

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