Sunday, May 12, 2013

Our Mothers: The Wise Latinas who inspired us to be strong, smart and giving

Rebecca Aguilar & mom
We asked members of Wise Latinas Linked to share a little bit about their mothers. Our question: My mother (name) taught me_________?  

Here are excerpts of some of the answers. Each message is inspiring and empowering!   Happy Mother's Day!

"My mother, Rebecca taught me to speak up because silence gets you no where. She taught me to be fearless, because fear can hold you back."--Rebecca Aguilar

"My mother, Margarita taught me the real value of the human species. She believed that everyone was special in their own way. She taught me not to judge as their are two sides to each story."--La Reina Del Palmar

Anita Marcos & mom

"My mother, Anita taught me unconditional love. She taught me that we are all different in our own way, and to accept those differences without judgement. She taught me that nothing is impossible if I really believe."--Anita Marcos

Gabriela & mom
"My mother Rosa taught me to be an independent woman. She has also been the ultimate and true example of sacrifice to me."---Gabriela Lopez de Dennis

"My mother, Gionconda, is a revolutionary soul who taught me to question authority, my teachers and history lessons in American schools, because the oppressors are the ones with the money to publish history books."---Patricia Rodriguez,

"My mother told me: I am the owner of what I DON"T say and the SLAVE to what I say."--De Leon IDalis 
De Leon IDalis

"How to act like a strong woman." --BellaVida Letty

"Lucy Montiel is my Earth mother and she taught me you can find God within us and people are born good, so help those less fortunate because their environment created them, so help them see who they can be. She taught me to be an activist and forgive those that hurt you, but never forget." --Cheyann Reagan

Orietta Ramirez
"My mami, Alicia de las Mercedes taught me to rely on one's inner strength, to play fair, to love strong, and to never give up on our dreams."--Orietta Ramirez

"To make up my own mind and not let someone else do it for me."--Monica Olivera Hazelton

"My mother, Maria Adelaida (Lala), impacted my life through her compassion/care giving (she was a nurse), through her beauty, her unconditional love and her intelligence. She passed away last Dec. 14.." --Blanca Velasquez

"My mother, Valerie Valdez taught me that girls can do anything! She is handier around the house then my dad, and I always call her for handy type advice!--Alexandria Valdez

"My mother Beatriz taught me to be strong, and independent because you can really only count on yourself. She is also the reason that I am such a loving mother to my children, because I did not feel that from her.  Yes, I know she loved me but I didn't feel it." --Lupe Garcia
Lupe Garcia & family

"My mother Socorro continues to teach the word & actions of love, forgiveness and most of all faith! I only hope I'm able to convey the same, love you mom!." --Marian Lopez

Rita Motivated Mami

"My mother, Leticia, taught me to be independent, strong, and to get back up when you call. I cherish every day I have with her, porque se que  la vida no es comprada." --Rita Motivated Mami

"Sylvia Idalia Montes de Lomeli. She taught me that the best thing one can provide to children as parents is their education. She also taught me by example the love for books. Most importantly, she taught me to be independent, strong and self sufficient.  Que descanse en  paz." --Ma Teresa Lomeli Penman
Sylvia Idalia
Montes de Lomeli

"My mother, Betty Ortiz Cosme taught me to always act like a lady, to take care of my brother and sisters as if they were only friends, to respect my elders (something I see that is greatly lacking in the younger generation) and to love hard."--Iris Vasquez

"She taught me to always smile and have a great attitude. She also taught me to love and respect people."--Leonarda Vivas Cabezas

"The gift of faith."--Darlene Tenes

Rosalinda Zepeda & family
"To be honest." --Jasmine Carbajal

"My mother Anita taught me to be a quiet storm."--Vicky Martinez 

"To always be financially independent and have my own investments and money." --Rosalinda Zepeda

"My mother taught me to stand up for myself." --Shay Olivarria 


  1. I am so humble and appreciative of this blog, thank you Ms Aguilar.

    1. Thank you for sharing your mom with us.


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