Friday, April 19, 2013

The Onion "Jokes" Three Obese Mexican Women are Suspects in Boston Bombing-- Not Funny!

I've been watching back to back coverage on the Boston Marathon bombing and manhunt. It's an emotional rollercoaster and its hard to step away from the television.

Then Friday afternoon I hear The Onion posted something their writers thought would be a funny joke.  I was sent a link and here's what I found. The story read "CNN Releases Photos of 3 Obese Mexican Women Suspected in Boston Bombing." 

It goes on to read:

BOSTON—In the midst of a widespread manhunt that has put the city of Boston on lockdown, CNN released a series of photographs today depicting the three obese Mexican women it claims are the chief suspects in the Boston Marathon attack. “My top-level sources have confirmed that the individuals depicted in these photos planned, coordinated, and put into effect this week’s deadly bombing,” said CNN reporter John King, speaking of the trio of overweight hispanic women, two of whom reportedly died in the late 1990s and one of whom has never actually visited the United States. “If you come across the suspects, please be careful. My sources tell me these women are armed and highly dangerous.” At press time, everyone at CNN was congratulating one another on the good job they’ve been doing.

Come on!

I like a funny joke, but this is just in poor taste.  I know The Onion is a business and it tries to make people laugh, but making a joke about the manhunt and then throwing in Mexican women--is just plain ridiculous.

It's obvious why they come up with such racist ridiculous jokes. Look at their writers--not one Latina on their editorial staff. 

This is the best your writers could come up with? Fire them and apologize to us Mexican women.

Give them a piece of your mind:

Contact The Onion
Twitter: @TheOnion


  1. Why don't they put a picture of their mothers. I'm sure they will be very happy and you will not be invited to thanksgiving dinner anymore. Very bad taste. They gave you permission to use their photo? I hope they sued you.

  2. It would be interesting to find out the names of the three women AND if the are really Mexican. It was in poor taste, but The Onion will give the excuse that everyone knows they are about having fun, jokes and satire.

  3. I don't know who your editor is but just like they released the waiter for the insult to these individuals...shouldn't the "Onion" release the writer of this article that is also insulting? The Pen is mightier then the sword and if your going to write you should be careful as not to wheeled it at yourself! Obese and Boston Bombing suspects...Very hurtful,disrespectful, improper and can you tell me how this would be called humor?

  4. Thanks Lilia for your feedback. Good point.

  5. I believe they said that two of the woman are actually woman who have passed away. This is why I find it disturbing. If it was a picture of my family member, I'd be beyond upset. It makes me wonder about the disrespect they had for the family of the deceased. The other woman is a person who has never been to the U.S. - Lucy Bocanegra

    I know that the ONION is trying to make a joke and add humor to the headlines. SNL does it all the time, but this is in bad taste. SNL usually targets people in entertainment , politics and or in the public eye due to headlines. These woman were not any of those. There should be some form of fine to the Onion.

    The fact that they used three Mexican woman is simple. They count on the fact that the family of those ladies will not seek an apology, nor monetary compensation. If I had a law degree I would be contacting the family of the woman pictured. I would be contacting THE ONION to make an apology to the Hispanic Community for insulting use of three Latinas. The joke is always at someone's expense. They Onion is counting on it to be on the three woman. I hope it turns out to be at THE ONIONS expense instead and that we get the last laugh!

  6. The Onion is satire and is making fun of the fact that CNN got things completely wrong and used bogus racial profiling, i.e. saying a dark-skinned man was under suspicion. The women and families mentioned do not exist!


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