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Wise Latinas Who Will Continue to Empower Us in 2013

We admire and get inspired by Latinas who are making a difference in the lives of many.  Wise Latina Linked members are now a combined group of more than 4,000 women on Facebook and LinkedIn.   

Many of you really made an impact in 2012 by being leaders in your fields and by sharing with other Latinas around the country.  But here are some Wise Latinas and their projects that we need to keep an eye on in 2013!

  • Fanny Veliz: Latina filmmaker and director of "Homebound"
  • Tanginika-Simone Cuascud Vega: The Sex Doctor
  • Web Series: Sin Verg├╝enza (Without Shame) takes on HIV 
  • Jenn Sanchez: The Queen of Networking
  • Maria Burns Ortiz:  Social media and Sports

Fanny Veliz: Latina Filmmaker and director of "Homebound"

Fanny Veliz
When you can't find the roles you want in Hollywood, create them yourself. When you can't  find the films that touch the hearts of Latinos; write them yourself. That's what award winning filmmaker and actress, Fanny Veliz has done.  She has written, directed and even stars in her own film "Homebound."

The film is about a successful young man who returns to his small hometown in Texas to help his father who is ill.  His father wants him to take over the family business, a run down bar, but he has other plans. 

Fanny hopes her film will be accepted at top film festivals around the country.  Support Fanny by asking your local theaters to bring it in for viewing.

Tanginika-Simone Causcud Vega: Let's talk about Sex
Causcud Vega

There are many women out there who don't like talking about sex, but Tanginika-Simone Causcud Vega is on a mission to have us all talk about sex like we would talk about everything else.  Out in the open! 

She calls herself  "The Sex Doctor" and adds that a happy sex life equals a happy life.  She posts regularly on the Wise Latinas Linked Facebook page, and let's just say some of the topics would make most people blush.

Tangi is about giving all women sexual empowerment and enjoyment.  We know for many women the topic of sex  is a private matter; but why should it be? Tangi keep us informed.

Jenn Sanchez: The Queen of Networking 

Jenn Sanchez
If you're not a member of Wise Latinas Linked, then you're missing out on Jenn Sanchez.  I  call her the "The Queen of Networking." This former journalist makes it her mission on a daily basis to post information on Facebook that is really news we can use. 

From scholarships to studies about Latinos, Jenn has it covered, and ready for us to read.  She shares without asking for anything in return. Today, I'm sure several women have jobs and are going to college because of her help. 

Thanks Jenn for all you do for Latinas, and congrats for recently getting your Masters in Public Administration. 

Web Series Takes on HIV: Sin Verguenza (Without Shame)

We don't hear much about HIV, and much less how it 
effects Latinos.  Here's a YouTube web series that is 
taking on the issue.  Producers hope the series will
encourage people to get tested for HIV
and get medical care if they test positive. 

My hope is that a TV network will eventually air the
series for the masses to see. It is an emotional story. 
Thanks to  Wise Latina Linked member, and 
actress Maria Luna who is in the series and
brought the project to our attention.  

Maria Burns Ortiz: Social Media and Sports

Photo Courtesy:
Latinas writing about sports is a rarity in sports journalism, but for Maria Burns Ortiz sports journalism is her passion. Maria covers social media for ESPN Playbook.  She started writing for in 2006 covering collage soccer for ESPNSoccernet. 

If you're a sports professional or a sports team and you tweet something that is newsworthy or controversial--odds are Maria will write about it. 

I'm proud to say that Maria is making her mark in social media and journalism and letting the world know that Latinas know sports, and they can cover any sports player or team as well as the next "guy." 

Keep an eye on Maria's work and bookmark it, share it, tweet it and even leave your comments so her bosses know we Latinas care about sports too, especially when its written by a woman who knows her stuff. 

Happy 2013 Wise Latinas

I'll be keeping you posted on other Wise Latinas who really are making an impact on the lives of others.  Embrace and empower! Much exito in 2013!

Rebecca Aguilar is the founder of Wise Latinas Linked and a freelance journalist. 


  1. Thank you for the shout out. Looking forward to a very successful 2013.

  2. Thank you for including me. It is an honor to be among this group of wonderful Latinas. Hoping to continue my journey to help educate and enlighten others through my work.
    ~Maria Richwine(Luna)


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