Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hispanic Heritage Month: Gloria Anzaldúa

Gloria Anzaldúa was born with a rare illness that stopped her growth at the age of twelve.  But she didn't allow her illness to stop her from pursuing her passion for writing.  She loved to write about the injustices against women.  

Anzaldúa was the first  openly Chicana, lesbian, feminist author. She is known for playing a big part in redefining Chicana-Lesbian-queer identities. Her life was committed to opening the eyes of Chicanas to feminism.

In 1974,  she wrote an essay "Growing Up Chicana."Anzaldúa was a proud Chicana, lesbian and feminist.  She is also well known for "This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color."  

The book was published in 1981 was about Chicana feminism. In 1990 she published the sequel to Bridge titled "Making Face, Making Soul." Anzaldúa's hope was to give young Chicanas a look into Chicana feminism.  Anzaldúa wrote a third book "Home: Radical Visions for Transformation."   

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