Monday, August 6, 2012

Wise Latinas Linked: Three Years and Counting!

This  month we mark our 3rd birthday as Wise Latinas Linked.  It was three years ago when I was sitting in my kitchen watching the confirmation hearings for Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  She inspired me to start this virtual group, but I couldn’t do it alone.  I called my friends Sandra Gonzalez and Vicki Adame and said lets unite Latinas around the world.  

Since August 6, 2009, we have grown together, empowered each other and even leaned on each other during challenging times.   We have made our voice loud and clear when we felt Latinas were not being respected or treated as equals.  We have also helped each other get employment in a troubling job market.

Wise Latinas in LA
Today we are close to 4,000 Latinas united on Facebook and LinkedIn.  We share information about everything from politics to employment opportunities.  We connect Latinas in their own cities.  Today strangers, tomorrow friends. 

Wise Latinas Linked is about free information, friendships and the freedom to be proud of our Latina roots.  We would not be the virtual group we are today on Facebook and LinkedIn, without your voice and your contributions.

Wise Latinas in Dallas/Fort Worth

A big thank you to our Wise Latina Linked ambassadors: Byrdie Franco, Gina Linn Espinoza, Orietta Ramirez and Jenn Sanchez. These four Latinas have helped keep us informed and have also helped us grow our group. 

We want to thank all of you for being part of a Latina movement on social networks that is here to stay! Please invite your Latina friends to join us on Facebook or/and LinkedIn.  Together we will continue to move mountains and grow! 

Abrazos and Happy Birthday! 

Founder of Wise Latinas Linked


  1. Thank you for creating this wonderful community that continues to grow stronger.


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