Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shame on Vogue for Using a Kid's Weight Problem to Sell Magazines

You can learn to become a better parent from those who do something to get attention and veil it as doing something for the good of their child.  To this I say, shame on Dara-Lynn Weiss.

Shame on Vogue Magazine and Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour for allowing Weiss to write an article for its April edition on her 7-year-old daughter’s struggle with her weight.  

In the article, Weiss admits she’s had weight problems her whole life. The Manhattan socialite proudly writes about the drastic measures she's taken with her daughter to help her lose weight. There is public humiliation, private ridicule, and even denying her food. 

What I can't believe is that Vogue also published pictures of Weiss and her daughter.  Why? Was this mother that desperate to see her mug in Vogue?  Didn't the Vogue editors think this could add to the daughter’s humiliation or didn't they care? Vogue could have easily used a back shot photo of the girl and her mother.  I know, I’m a reporter and we do it all the time.

But that couldn't be, because Vogue used them in some kind of "fashion layout" for the story.  The mother and daughter were photographed in pretty dresses. OK, isn't there something very twisted here?  Did the Vogue editors ask the girl (alone) if she was ok with it? 

I have no idea how Weiss's daughter is doing emotionally after everything she's been through.   I'm not sure how being humiliated and deprived of food makes you a stronger and better person.  What I do know is that it appears that Dana-Lynn Weiss was "starving" for attention and Vogue magazine was "starving" for a controversial story that would get people to buy it. Again I'm a reporter; I know it's important to sell magazines.

"There are plenty of “Hot Potato Moms” like Dara-Lynn out there – women who have punished their own bodies their whole lives who then push the dysfunction to their kids – but they are not all granted a Vogue or Random House-sized audience. Now this mother with a sickness has a megaphone."

Shame on Vogue for allowing this woman to share her callous story.  If this was any other mother, Child Protective Services would probably be looking into the matter.  

I know, I know there is a problem with obese children out there.  But do we have to use measures as private scoldings and public embarrassment to make kids stop eating.  Do we have to expose their private weight problems so the whole world can see--- just for our self-gratification?

A friend of mine who is a psychologist says you use positive parenting skills to get your point across.  Find a plan to make it work for your child and always keep their emotional well-being in mind.

 Shame on you Dara-Lynn Weiss! It’s all about you and it’s so obvious.    

I wish Weiss's daughter much luck in her future.  By the way, where is this girl’s father? What about grandparents? What do they think?

Now this is going to bug the hell out of you; Random House has offered Weiss a book deal. I guess the book publisher wants to sell a book with all the nasty, juicy, cruel details on how this girl was forced to lose weight.

As usual we, the public have the power to stop hurting this young girl .  DON’T BUY THIS BOOK or VOGUE MAGAZINE!   Are you with me?

Rebecca Aguilar is a multiple Emmy Award winning reporter. She is also the founder of Wise Latinas Linked, a networking group on Facebook and Linkedin.

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