Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wise Latinas in Los Angeles Meet, Greet and Bond

When we started Wise Latinas Linked; our goal was to have you meet on a social network (Facebook) and then hopefully have you meet face-to-face.  Slowly but surely this is happening around the country.

In Los Angeles, our WLL member, Gina Linn Espinoza made it a reality.  Enjoy the video!

We are proud to announce that Gina Linn Espinoza has been designated as our first WLL ambassador.   A person who we feel can help us unite and bring goodwill to members in LA.  Congrats!

Gina Linn and the other WLL members in the Los Angeles area have decided that they will get together again on Sept. 10th.  Watch for details on that event on our Facebook page.

Thanks Gina Linn for everythng.


Rebecca Aguilar
Founder of WLL


  1. Enjoyed the rhythm, pictures, loved that they looked natural and real Latinas! I know and believe WLL is a Great Women Empowerment Group, made up of Wise Latinas ONLY and not (just a number group)! Women free to express what they feel, are and know! Great job LA's Wise Latinas! Thank you for sharing your home!

  2. Thanks to Rebecca Aguilar for forming this amazing group! Stay tuned and watch us grow!

    Gina Linn Espinoza
    L.A. WLL

  3. Love the pictures (and music), and the fact that yes, we eat cake! Happy Birthday WLL and Kudos to the Lovely WL Ladies of LA


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